✨ Wish list

New features and integrations are in the works based on this wishlist.
We'll prioritize ideas by vote count, so make your voice heard.
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  • A list of clients who have ordered for a particular service and the resources who have worked on those orders

  • Services will only be visible to particular clients depending on what owners want

  • I got the Tier 3 with 20TB storage, but the max upload file seize seems to be 1GB. Can we have the file size increase? Would 10GB per file be...

  • The ability to request a client to submit files for their project. Hopefully without the need for them to log into the system.

  • File management

    Ability to manually add, move, remove and manage files directly from the "Files" tab. Please add folders so we cna organize our assets.

  • Please add an option to also upload a pdf in the proposal section. Usually client needs a detailed proposal to understand the offerings, terms and...